Visitors get to explore the workshop located in the idyllic 18th century courtyard in the heart of Porvoo Old Town. In addition there is an opportunity to relax by creating small handcrafts from recycled materials. The property has a fascinating history, and the introduction is a part of the product.

Services and visitations are on request

Groups size 4-10 people, served light refreshments

Tours in the artisans workshop, introduction of the 18thcentury courtyard and the outbuildings on request. Duration 1 hour price 10e/per person

Workshops – The Joy of Creating

”The New Life of An Vintage Book” Learn how to make cards from vintage books Duration 1 - 1,5 hours price 35e/per person

”The Longest Rug in Porvoo” Weawing of a traditional rag rug with a loom. Continue the stripes of the former craftsman. Duration 1-2 hours price 35e/per person

”From Thrash to Treasure” Jewelry handcrafting from recycled materials Duration 1 hours, price 25 e/per person